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September 14th

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Rhinebeck 2009

Schedule is up on the website. I've been checking every couple of days and this is the first time I've seen 2009 schedule.

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Standard fee for patterns

Hey guys!
Its been ages since I've posted anything here, and also many months since I've had needles in my hands. I was hoping to get some advice from other designers out there...

September 13th

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EZ - where have you been all my life?

Okay, so it's not like I haven't heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman - I know the name and I even know what everyone means when they say refer to "EZ".

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Dye Lot Question

So, how terrible is it if I need more yarn but it's not the same dye lot?


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My First Sock on DPNS

September 12th

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Official Faculty Adviser for Knitting Club

It's official, I am now the faculty adviser for our knitting club. I'm going to try and inspire more boys to give it a go.

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FO - Icelandic chihuahua sweater

So I just finished this chihuahua sweater and got Kenneth to model it for me.

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Baby Surprise Jacket

Anyone have a copy of the pattern they could send my way?

September 11th

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So, a couple of weeks ago I was looking for a pattern for Selbu mittens. But lo and behold, I STILL can't find one!

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Just finished a nice and fast doily from Yarnover. I used # 10 cotton and 2.75 mm needles. Fun to do.