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September 17th

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Jumper details

Thanks Guys!!

September 15th

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Mrs Hopper Designed By Jody Long


K – Knit P- Purl sts – stitch(es)
Beg – Beginning tog – Together RS – Right Side
WS – Wrong Side st st – Stocking Stitch inc – Increase

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OT: Major Win!

September 14th

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Size Matters

Ok, I'm sure someone's used that one before...but here's my question.

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A fantastically fun time knitting in public.

I just got back from a little vacation. During the weekend, there was a rubber ducky race. Along with the race was the 1st annual Hat competition.

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New Old Book Sighting.

For those who might be interested, Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting is once again in print, paperback from Dover Publications for 24.95.

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Dog hair in my knitting...again!!! AARRGGGHHH!!!

No matter how hard I try, I inevitably get some dog hair in my finished projects!! Fortunately soaking and blocking usually takes care of the problem. Here's a mug shot of the the two culprits.

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Baby Blanket Craze!!

Hello everyone!! It is definitely baby season in Atlanta. I have several baby blankets in the works for work colleagues. Three in October, one in November and December and one next March!!

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The Wedding

The wedding was extrodinary. It took place on the front porch of a gay B&B in Iowa City called the Brown Street Inn.

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Finished Jumper!

Hey Dudes, I've just finished my first Jumper! I can't wait for the crap weather...