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September 21st

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Unfinished Snake

Snake is unfinished but wanted to share the picture with you.

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Unfinished Hedgehog

Hi i'm designing this one at the moment for the book.

The hedgehog will have a green stripe sweater when completed.

September 20th

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So I should have been in the US right now on holiday, but instead I was offered a graduation project I just could not refuse.

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Young boy knitting in "Independent People"

Matt is reading "Independent People" by Icelandic Nobel Laureate Halldor Laxness - something that interested him as we were driving around Iceland a few weeks ago.

September 19th

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Thinking about Sweaters...

Yup, that's right; I've been thinking again and I'm looking for a little input.

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Who is Alvin?

Alvin, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Start: 05th August 2009
Finish: 17th September 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos
Yarns: Filatura di Crosa "Zara"; 100% superwash merino; colours #1468 (grey) 4 balls, #1424 (navy blue) 3 balls and #1469 (anthracite) 1 ball
Pattern: "Alvin" by Jane Ellison in the Queensland Collection Book 9
Size: XS

September 18th

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Russian Doll

Hi guys I have just designed this Russian Doll. I can not share the pattern with you as it is for my new book with Cico Books Ltd in London UK.

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Hemlock Ring Throw for a Baby

September 17th

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Herbert Niebling

Has anyone bought the Herbert Niebling book? I wonder what you think of it or what other people have said about it.

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Baby Hoodie and Rhinebeck Hoopla

I started this Wonderful Wallaby the day after Christmas. I'm very proud to have resurrected it and finally finished my first baby project, joining my list of firsts for 2009.