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September 24th

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Sleepless in Sesttle

Work takes me Pacific Northwest ( Oct 21- Nov 2). Help ! Any and all knitting related stuff and locations needed. I hope I do not have to expierence a knitting void while there !

September 23rd

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How do you swatch for Fair Isle?

Do you guys swatch in the round? Or in the flat with long floats on the back?

September 22nd

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Ok - first beanie. Much faster and easier than I thought.

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I took the wheel

A friend from knitting group let me borrow her Louet wheel...just got to spend tonight trying it out at group. What fun!

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Big Knitting

For those that like to use bulky yarn, check out this article showing some big kntting

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Regarding Ribbing

I would be very interested to know what you folks prefer in your ribbing. For instance, 1x1 twisted? 1x1 regular? 2x2?

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2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat

Hi Guys! It's been an *interesting* summer... and we are gearing up BIG TIME for the upcoming 2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat! HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET??

September 21st

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EZ's obituary from The New York Times

Wikipedia actually says that EZ was the first knitter to be honored with a full obituary in The New York Times. Here it is in all of its glory:

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To Wooly Board or Not?

I'm thinking that I might need a wooly board. However, I have read, on someone's blog, that you can only use them for sweaters with drop shoulders. Is this correct?

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Contented Knitting

There is something very comforting in knitting a project that is big enough to keep your lap warm. My current sweater project got to that length a few days ago.