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August 3rd

I hope you don't mind ...

but I have been persuaded to show an example of my colourwork. This is a cotton sweater knitted some time ago and taken from one of the Rowan magazines.

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It's a little short but...

I finished my first project which was the scarf. I started last Sunday and finished this Sunday.

August 2nd

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Combo Hat

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No More Excuses

So after not being on here for a while, I'm finally coming back! Just saying... please, hold your excitement. =]

August 1st

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What the heck is it?

Although I have been a long-time knitter (35+ years) I am always interested in learning new things and trying a different technique.

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Just my luck :/

after being sick, raining, heat, and just plain exhaustion, I was all ready to go to Cologne and see the sites, our first stop Schlossburg castle.