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August 11th

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Eärë (Seascape)

Eärë (Seascape), originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

Started: 08th August 2008
Finished: 01st May 2009
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Lace
Yarn: GGH "Kid Melange", colour 004, lot 8002451
Pattern: Seascape by Kieran Foley from Knitty Summer 2008 issue
Modifications: I added extra repeats to make the stole longer.
Notes: "Eärë" is Quenya for "The Open Sea"...closest I could think of coming to "Seascape".

August 10th

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Winding and pulling balls

I typically hand-wind my balls and pull them from the outside.

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Stitch Markers

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Knitting a border on separately... out loud so far.

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Pegasus XOXOXO Set Done

August 9th

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Scrap Top Down Raglan

After finishing my pinwheel blanket, I had (have) so much yarn left over in this color family that was already hacked and used that I can't do much else with it but freeform or random striped knitting

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BSJ disappointment.

I have just finished my second BSJ and I am really disappointed. The first one I made looked really great, so I was excited to make another, but this looks like something the cat dragged in.

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Ok, after three scarves I have decided to tackle my first Jumper – Joukahainen.

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I could just cry..........

So I have been knitting away at these stupid bags (I'll post pictures after they have been washed) and they have taken me forever, it was my first attempt at a lace pattern (I was recently informed

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My Mom Loves me...

Or atleast the things I make for her.