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Check out the website

it's a site based on Matthew Modine's efforts to help save the alpacas cared for by a tribe in Ecuador -

ok, ok... it's not real

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Queen Anne's Lace at the Altamont Fair

I am going to the fair on Saturday to see this in person!

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knitting without Tears

Ok so I finally bought the book Knitting without Tears and want to make the no seam raglan sweater. At first read it seems pretty complicated. Any tricks or obstacles I should watch for?

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Ok, I've Got My Kevlar Suit On (Seamless of Course). Fire Away!

This is not meant to be rude or to inflame, but let’s apply some scientific thinking to the idea that seams provide structure, shape or ease in blocking to knitwear.

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The Love That Dare Not Change It's Name or Phone Number

With acknowledgment to MMario's comment below:

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Men's Health Fall '09 Guide to Style

So I got this free subscription somehow and the issue I just got (September 2009) includes a Fall Guide to Style.

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It's been a while

Ok it's been a while since I have been on here. Been cleaning the apt and reorganizing all the stuff my wife and I have.