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July 27th

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Blacker Wool

Some of you may remember I was extolling the virtues of a wool shop in St Andrew's in Scotland earlier in the year.

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Lovered Prices

I couldn't get pics to load as attachments, so I figured I'd just post another entry with this pic. This is why I loved the prices in Vik!! ;-)

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Just joined

Found this site a couple of days ago after sniffing around looking for info on knitting that is not targetted at chicks.

July 27th

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In Memoriam - Bruce (a.k.a. Scenter)

It's come to my attention that the knitting community (especially MWK) has lost another member, Bruce a.k.a. Scenter.

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In Iceland - yarn everywhere!

We just went to a very basic supermarket - almost like a really old bad K-mart but with food and produce, and there was this entire section with yarn - and some really nice wool yarn - some hand made

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Baby Sweater attempt 2

So I don't know what happened when I tried to post this the first time, but some error popped up and told me it did not like me.

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Ravelry chatroom

Ok, I don't know the who, what, where, when (other than Casey, who is the code geek of the network)

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So I...

So I started knitting yesterday. Started using a loom at the home, and then an hour before going out to dinner started a scarf on needles so I can easily knit outside.

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help with first attempt

Hi all,

July 26th

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Shawls 'R' Us

I got this done a week and half ago and am still just stoaked about it. I find myself just wanting to pet it.