Archive - Jul 19, 2009

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Square 11 LTKA

This is a very cute square and I got distracted, but was able to make two with the same flaw, so it was a design lol!

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shawl - just finished!!!

After 1,5 - 2 years of knitting (with many and long-time breaks) I finished - this morning - shawl (18 colors) for my friend from museum (by Kaffe Fasset`s design).

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Hemlock Ring Shawl

Did this a couple of months ago and just got back on to MWK.

Cotton 4ply, US10

Mmario Design and Yarn Giveaway

The knitting Gods have spoken and the results verified by Widdicome, Gutterman, Applewhite, Bib-bib-bib-blib-bibman and Black: