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July 31st

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Cable Sweater

Well I finally completed my frist grown up sweater. After too many scarfs and baby sweaters I took the plunge into an adult sweater. My mother saw the pattern and just had to have it.

July 30th

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Attaching Images to Posts

Howdy MWKers!

Two methods of adding inline images are no longer working dependably and causing much grief. I've disabled those methods, but never fear, you can still attach images to your posts.

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Fine Art Knitting

I knit both for the craft and the art of it. Most of my projects are practical, beautiful gifts for friends. But I also use knitting as part of my fine art practice.

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Weaned, At Last! Maybe I've Grown Up!

Day Thirteen of Absolutely Free of Any Nicotine, Cigarettes, See-gars or other foreign objects in my mouth. No, wise-ass, I'm still smoking those, but I don't inhale.

July 29th

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You Can't be First, But You Can Be Next!

With all this heat, I was gently reminded of the things to come, autumnal change and the colder times ahead. My fixation with linen moving smartly along, I now must prepare for the winter.

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Maybe OT - but...

I am wearing a hat I knit!!

Check out these blue floating icebergs!! So beautiful.

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Right my lovelies!

I was shopping today and ran into a yarn deal I could not and would not refuse, so hear me out!

July 28th

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i've been going through the gallery, and there are some projects in there i am really interested in - i just don't know who to contact to get info - the two in question are "Soy Wool Stripes - Natural

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a different start

i put the antler scarf on hiatus - needed to try something a little easier for my first project - and here it is - i'm very happy with it - i got the pattern from mmario's yahoo group (beginner lace)

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Aerilon Farmer's Cap

This is another Tapestry Crochet Hat, but the last 10 or so rows are made in Fair Isle aka Color Stranding. This is a different type of crochet for those of you that don't know crochet.