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June 7th

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Jason1978's blanket - complete - blog entry posted

Hey everyone!

June 6th

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On my way to The City by The Bay

It is time to go home and in my way home I have a new gift to myself, I call it the Tattoo of Life, it has a Battlestar Gallactica Theme to it and the Lords Of Kobols are smilling.

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Non-Knitting: Fun With Sprang - or - Weaving Without Weft

I had the opportunity a couple of weekends ago to learn the very basics of sprang ( a technicque of twisting warp threads to produce a fabric.

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Lace attempt

As some of you may know I had allready tried the QAL which, trust me, did not work out well for me, I still occasionally look at the pattern in sheer horror, I guess my knitting skills aren't up to kn

June 5th

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Spinning Wheel FINALLY

ok so today I finally took the time to take the picture of the spinning wheel. I just didnt' realize how close it's getting to time for me to go! omg 25 days and counting!

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Worst knitting night ever

The good news is I finally got my own swift and winder. The unwound hanks were starting to pile up and Knit Picks had a good deal.

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Hey all,

June 4th

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Chihuahua sweater

After we found our little Kenneth, a friend of mine's chihuahua passed away. He and his wife had bought an entire wardrobe of sweaters, t-shirts, parkas, rain coat, bath robe, etc.

June 3rd

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Yarn store of merit

This is their web site:

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Baby Hat

Here is a baby hat that someone commissioned me to make for newborn baby pictures. I knit it with Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK.