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June 12th

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Square 12 LTKA aka The Harlequin

Hello Gents and though I am with the Flu I had finished square 12 it is the Harlequin Square , I don't know when I qwill; resume the other squares, but this flu is brutal and I have my time limited.

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Ok, it isn't anything fancy (really!); but I've used a similar room a lot during our denominational conference, and it works fine.

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I'M A GRANDMA!!!!! again

May I present Geoffrey Ryan, 4.3kilo, 56cm. or 9lbs 8oz and 22inches long to the great unwashed.

June 11th

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Grrrr...maybe someone could assist me in the successful posting of a blog picture.

I said I could knit, I never said anything about blogging and uploading and whatnot.

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Bragging about blanket again, here's a picture

Thank you guys so much for the thoughtful comments. If anyone is interested in knitting this blanket, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide instructions!

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Learning to knit as a adult (w Pics)

As a child I know my mother knitted. I think just about anyone in New Zealand would be able to say that, and while I cannot remember her knitting anything in particular for me, (I could be wrong) I do remember her knitting. I also remember trying to learn to knit at the time and giving up in disgust as a knotted mess hung from my needles where my scarf was supposed to be appearing. And that was that... at least so I thought.

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That is one of the worst puns of all time. In any case, I'm just writing to talk about how incredibly addicted I've become to my Addi Click set.

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Hi all,

I just wanted to take a few seconds to introduce myself, after all, a stranger in your midst (though I don't feel like I'm a stranger) must be frightening for all off you.

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Aspen Leaf Wrap

I made this shawl/wrap for a friend recently diagnosed with an agressive breast cancer. She will be undergoing a double mastectomy in about a week.

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Why can I not find time to knit?

My life is a little crazy right now. I had my last Final of the term today, and I have only summer term left and I will finally graduate.