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June 3rd

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In NYC for the week ( til saturday)

Any good men's meetups in the city? I was thinking about going to the one at Knitty City tonight. Anyone else?

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KIP La Cruceta, Ponce Puerto Rico

Knitting in public at la Cruceta , Ponce Puerto Rico. My vacation is almost over and I am still KIP while on the go. Thanks for stopping by!

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blocking silk lace

so i'm finishing up a lace project. i used claudia hand painted yarns 100% silk...... it's so dreamy....... any suggestions on blocking?

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Getting in over my head HELP!

What's the number for 911?

June 2nd

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Finished... Finally... and lesson learned

A baby blanket I just finished for a teacher friend who's expecting next month. I'm sick of stockingette. Hate working with cotton! Hate it hate it hate it!

June 1st

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Sad news

Like we need more bad news around here but...I was going thru a months worth of old emails tonight from the GLB Knit List and saw the Witt Pratt (Washington DC) passed away May 19th.

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Help with a garter stitch baby sweater!!

So I've blocked this garter stitch baby sweater. I like the way the sweater turned out, but unless the baby's right arm is a lot longer than his left, I'm in trouble. Any suggestions?