Archive - Jun 29, 2009

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Just a quicky note

Just to let you all know I changed my Ravelry name, it's now Irkalla, this will save me some confusion and help those who have known me longer find me easier :p

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New Pattern Up On Ravelry

I finished "The Summer Sock" pattern!!!

...not like I haven't been working on it for weeks and finally decided to actually type it up and get the pictures and do up the chart, etc.

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I Love this Community!!!

I was feeling down today and got online to check out what you guys have been up to, and it always perks me up after checking in with you all!

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Nerves, TSA, and a lack of caffiene

Today these are the three things I blame for my flightiness and lack of enthusiasm to get all the last minute things done that I need to do.