Archive - Jun 22, 2009

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Shameless and Unabashed S&M

Taking my direct marketing skills to the streets, my buds from The Point were offering their wares at a recent street festival crafts fair in Greenwich Village two weeks ago.

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Wisconsin here we come

My partner, our 2 year old and I are moving to Madison, WI next month from Los Angeles. Any members out that way? I guess my partner can finally use all those sweaters I knitted him.

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Call for Knitters in Texas

I am trying to get a men's knitting group together in Houston TX. I know there are a few on here. Would anyone be interested?


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Scarf pics

Here is a shot of the finished section of the scarf from that pattern I asked you guys to help me interpret

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Pressing the Elevator "Close" Button again

My latest.

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Rambling Rows (revised & reposted)

I'm told pictures can now be added and some of you have asked to see it so here goes:

knitting with linen

I'm making a sweater out of louet 100% linen and I've learned that Linen knits up with a certain bias, due to the twisting of the yarn. Does anyone have any ideas for correcting this?