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May 15th

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An Inspiration

Having been inspired by knitting the blocks for the Jason project, and Andy's ongoing LTKA, I have decided to knit an afghan composed of squares.

May 15th

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Knit in Public

Just to remind you guys to once in a while Knit in Public. From the town of Quebradillas in Puerto Rico to my Men Who Knit friends with love.

Thanks for stopping by!

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School For Scandalous Sox, Lurid Lace and Sheep Lovers (You Know Who You Are!)

The recent passing of another business in New York City is a snore, an "in the meantime" affair, the pause that refreshes the landscape.

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"non-fried" square for Jason

I finished my second square for Jason, and am going nowhere near it with a hot iron this time!

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Barn Raising Quilt project for Doctors Without Borders (Sock Summit 2009)

I keep going back to this pattern and just noticed that there's a project in need of volunteers through June 9th in conjunction with Sock Summit 2009 in Portland Oregon.

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Queen Anne's Lace

ehh...I'm a complete moron when it comes to circular needles and knitting in the round, this is probably the reason why every hat/cap I've ever knitted looks like it was made by a toddler, now the QA

May 14th

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A Making-Yarn Question.

I feel like a horrible liar if you think my previous blog was my absolute first attempt at spinning.

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So, I was given this yarn which I absolutely love.....yeah I know it's soooo gay, but then so am I!

May 13th

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My first handspun yarn

I went with a bunch of women on a trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

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A Curious Thing

I've noticed a curious thing- when I have a limited time available for knitting, say ten minutes until it's time to leave for work, I find myself attending to and savoring each individual stitch.