Archive - May 2009

May 20th

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Baby Surprise Jacket

So, I'm thinking about taking a stab at the "Baby Surprise Jacket." The pattern says to use 3oz of Shetland Wool. I know that many of you have done this pattern.

Ripping Stitches

Last night, I found a screw-up in an early row of a fairly long scarf.

May 19th

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The beginning of my dreadlock obsession...

I came across the fall 2007 issue of Interweave magazine a couple of months ago now and decided I needed to immedicately make this hat!


So I've decided to make my Dad a tie (or hopefully a set of three) by his birthday in October.

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Squares for Jason's Blanket

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Packages are arriving for Jason's Blanket! mad! seriously! I am amazed at the outpouring of action our little knitting community is exhibiting!

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The Right One Is "On"...The Left is "Addi-Turbo".

Whole canned chickens failed in the marketplace because people bought several...once. The canned product's shelf life is your stash.

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Square 8 LTKA

This is called the Rose Fabric and it starts the Color Knitting of this book. It is the prelude to Mosaic knitting, it is done with the Knit , Knit 1 Below.

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The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name

Imagine, if you will, the case of the sick souls who have to hide their secret passions from the light of ordinary examination.

May 18th

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Spinning round and round--but what am I doing??

Is there an Elizabeth Zimmerman for spinning? When I am in the library/bookstore, is there a resource I can keep my eyes open for?