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May 21st

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Sock Wars

So, I received "death socks" in the mail yesterday. The joke is, they are so small I can't get my foot in them.

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Visiting LA / Las Vegas

Hello all you US MWK

I'm coming to LA for the first time since the late 80s.

What should be top of my must see list as a Brit tourist?
Are there any yarn stores that I can check out?

May 20th

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New York Visit . .

I will be in NYC for a few days . . . any LYS that New Yorkers can recomment to visit?

Thanks . .


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Random-Ass Afghan

I started this afghan in December and finished it in March. I used a lace pattern that is meant to look like flames. I urge you to view the attached close-up to get a better view on the detail of it. For a list of all the yarns I used, you'll have to click "Read More." :-)

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Knitted Hummingbird Feeders click the pics link under the Dork on the Unicycle!

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more squares arrived today!

just a note to let you boys know Dennis (from IL) and Rick (from Istanbul, Turkey!) - your squares arrived today!!

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My humble comfort square offering

Meh. It's not much... The picture's lousy, but it's a zig-zag rib pattern.

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The Knitting Gods?

Now Scottly's recent frogging disaster sparks another name: The Knitting Gods! Keep adding to the list, guys!

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Seriously OT

Anyone out there ever heard of this? Has anyone got plans to register and attend?

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Jason's squares

I've made a total of 8 squares. The will go in the mail today. Here's one of my favorites.