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May 4th

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A very odd donation indeed...


Now that I have said that...and I know that they are probly setting on

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Two Months of Knitting

Here is my latest completed project. Other than a sock (which I have to rip out) I have knitted on very little else than this for two months.

May 3rd

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Baker's Dozen

of squares to ship offf. I've yarn left for a few more - but figure if I wait I may not get them in the mail. (I'm notoriously a procrastinator)

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Wool, women, and short lines to the bathroom.

Yesterday I crashed the bus trip to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. About 25 women in a bus, plus me. And the driver, of course.

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Maikell Shawl (sorta')

This was made with revisions from the Estonia Lace book (don't remember the exact name I borrowed it from the library). I made it with Zephyr 50/50 wool/silk on a US size 4 needle.

May 2nd

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Spider Man Blanket

I saw this pattern online and immediately thought of Tracy's nephew, Thomas. He is crazy for Spider Man just as I was when I was his age (he's four).

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My square pattern contribution for Jason's afghan.

As I said in purlyman's blog entry, this is my first blog experience. So, please be gentle.

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Beth's Moebius Shawl

I have recently become smitten with Cat Bordhi's Moebius in the "Treasury of Magical Knitting" book. I love the cast on and I have already completed two of the "cowls" from her website.

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good day for so good.

I have got one square done for Jason's quilt! I am very pleased to say I was not the only man on the beach sitting waiting for a bite and knitting.

May 1st

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Gauge-less squares - for Jason's blanket

Just thought I'd pass along an option for knitting squares to meet the 8" x 8" requirement for the Jason Blanket.