Archive - May 1, 2009

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Gauge-less squares - for Jason's blanket

Just thought I'd pass along an option for knitting squares to meet the 8" x 8" requirement for the Jason Blanket.

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Gift scarf project...

Since I had a stash that was eating my house, I decided months ago that everyone that donates to Life Cycle this yere would get a scarf...and I am proud to say that this on going project is at the end

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You strumpet, you slut, you whore, you harlot, you trollope! All the finer qualities, yes!

The panic attack of a seemingly good plan going awry was beginning to wash over me. Ye Gods!

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Speaking of Cast On's

A few weeks ago, Shawn (HuskerClub) commented on a request for a stretchy cast on. He described a cast on that I had never heard of before.

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simple cast on

What is a simple cast on?

I am doing my first button hole. Row had 14 stitches. I bound off the middle 2, leaving 12 stitches, 6 on each side. the instructions for the next row say

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OT - The Softer Side

Seemingly like many of us over the last couple of weeks, I have been experiencing my share of stress and frustration. As Mil said... something in the water.

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Blanket for Jason

Following on from yesterday's post, Purly Man's kindly offered to mail me some Lion Brand yarn so we can share...seems in the spirit of the project really.

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Baby Duffle Coat pattern

Some of you contacted me wanting to get the pattern for my recent posting - it's from Debbie bliss' book 'Essential Baby'