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May 31st

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Baby Surprise Jacket Completed

Yes, I actually do knit and here is the proof. I totally love this pattern. I'm surprised at how fast I turned it out. The BF was even impressed. The only problem was the buttons.

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Baby Sweater -- Anyone recognize the pattern?

I picked up this little baby sweater at our church's harvest festival last fall with the hopes of recreating it. To be honest, however, I've decided I'm too lazy to work it out.

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What do you do with leftover acrylic?

(6/3/09 - file updated with corrections to)

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What do you do with leftover acrylic?

You can knit a shawl.

This is the "steeples" lace pattern - in an offset (first 4 repeats) and regular variation; done as a double down shawl.

Any ideas for Circular Lap Blanket?

I made the Hemlock Ring blanket for a Christmas gift. And would like to make 2 more different types of round lace-ish lap blankets.

May 30th

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Jason's Squares - Not too late, I hope!

Here are the two squares I managed to get done. Kyle should have them on Monday, so I hope they're not too late.


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Knitting Retreat/Craft Show Oct 23rd

I would like to get together with a bunch of other knitters this fall for some fiber fun. The gay campground that is located nearby is having a craft show the weekend of Oct 23rd.

May 29th

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Square 10 LTKA

I am really getting the hang of Mosaic Knitting , thanks to Harry for teaching that class at the MFKR 08.

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today's squares

Blake – Chattanooga, TN
CR Martin – NY
Murfpapa – Flint, MI
Shawn – Greensboro, NC
KnitforBrains - Somerville, MA

May 28th

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wool and pets

my friends cat had to go to the vet the other day because it was sick.
they found a 7cm piece of wool in her intestine.