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April 12th

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Well, this is my first post.....

This is my first post. I've been around for quite a while, but always afraid to post anything. I made this for my friend's baby.

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My latest

This sweater is going to be like a Robin Hood tunic, minus the tights and belt! haha

April 10th

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Easter Chicks

Two little chicks with eggs knitted for my brother and sister for Easter. An alternative to chocolate!!

April 10th

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I'm back from wherever I went--with a lot more FO's under my belt!

Ok, so I've been in a lot of transition the past couple months. My apologies for not being around. While I think cables are delightful, my new best friend is lace.

First post!

So, basically, I want to go about knitting a cardigan for myself. I can picture the whole thing in my head but

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If I start a retreat down here in alabama would any of u guys be interersted in coming to the retreat?

12% (22 votes)
20% (38 votes)
5% (10 votes)
too far
57% (106 votes)
sorry not for me
5% (10 votes)
Total votes: 186

April 9th

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LTKA Square 2

A little early this week, maybe a license to be late next week lol!

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Concerning Cardigans

When knitting a cardigan, is it best to pickup the button bands and neckbands separately, and if so, which is knitted up first- the button or neck band?

April 8th

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Wool Peddlers' Shawl

Pattern: Wool Peddlers' Shawl
Book: Folk Shawls
Yarn: Hand-dyed Superwash Merino w/ Nylon.
Needles: US7
Started 03/05/09
Finished 03/27/09

April 7th

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Kno Knitting on the beach

Ok, I had extreme plans on getting a cardigan well underway while vacationing in Playa Del Carmen and sitting on the beach.