Archive - Apr 6, 2009

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Mohair socks

Just traded for two angora goats, so in addition to the two sheep and the five milk goats we have these two girls.

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Needles in midflight

I am taking an international flight next week. Does anyone know if I can take my knitting on board with me, or will they make me dump it at the airport?

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I love my Hemlock Ring Blanket!

This is my Hemlock Ring Blanket's life now. It not only drapes beautifully over my exercise ball, it makes it so much nicer to use!

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MPBN Great TV Auction

Here in Maine, one of the things that the local PBS station does once a year is have their annual "Great TV Auction" and of course, seeing as that's the only thing I watch, for the past few years, I'v