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what I did today

In part of my life I;m a bookbinder, and i was sitting in an exhibiton of books today, and as it was quiet i got out my knitting, the gallery owner was fascinated and had to take some pictures, one

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I'm in the mood for a big project...

So I have ALOT of lacw weight laying around and im kinda itching to make a new shawl of something...any suggestions?

Whats your fave lace so far...

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This sight is amazing. I am so happy to be a part of it. This act of kindness towards our fellow knitter is so awesome. My wife has also offered to do a few squares.

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Getting Lion Brand Yarn in Turkey updated

Update 5/1

I received the following email from Lion Brand Yarn this afternoon:

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Jason Blanket question

The instructions for the blanket simply say what kind of yarn to use. But it does not mention needle size. Does that mean we can use any size needles we want?

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"ramro" baby sweater

So to go along with the "barn raising" baby quilt, I've done this sweater/cap set for the baby - due in June. The mother was my closest friend while in the Peace Corps in Nepal.

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On My Travels...

Dear all,

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Blanket for Jason - Help!??

Dear all,

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Retail Therapy Needed

When the going gets tough... the tough so shopping.

However, there isn't anything in the MenWhoKnit store that is really fun, edgy or exciting.