Archive - Apr 24, 2009

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My first pair of sox!

Here they are at last! Is there any more to say? Yay!

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What a great Birthday Idea

WHat a great Birthday Idea I want one!

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Looking for Books

so I recently learned how to slip stitches and pass slip stitch overs

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Raku Yarn Bowl on ETSY

Hey boys

Just a quick note to let you know I put on my ETSY shop a small yarn bowl for sale

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Where Art Thou, Brother?

Has anyone heard from Jason1978 lately?

I know he had been going through chemo but he hasn't been on here in well over a month.

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Cables in the round?

My mom has asked that I make her something for mothers day. The pattern I have is in the round. Problem is I want to spice it up a bit and use some cables. So do I