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March 13th

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FINISHED!! The SSS monster evaded!

Well, here are my first completed pair of socks!

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This is Tumbleweed by Kim Hargreaves. It appeared in Rowan #4.

I apologize that this photograph is on its side. I don't know how to change that.

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Hi guys. I haven't posted in a while...

...thought I'd share my latest projects. This one is Inishmore by Alice Starmore. I knitted this out of Jamieson's Soft Heather in Ivory.

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For Pi-Day

Which is tomorrow, 3/14

Many of My designs tend to start off with every intention of being Pi Shawls but then veer off on strange tangants.

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Thank you, Gentlemen,

for all these wonderful suggestions and sage advice- you never fail me!

March 12th

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Nice and Easy does it!

This is one of my favorite no brainer patterns. It's so nice to knit on automatic pilot yet achieve something that has great textural detail.

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Thank goodness!

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New finish project

Thank you guys for the great tips, I have enough now. Thanks again. It feels good to know I have a place to get help. Thanks guys

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Music to knit by

Can someone suggest something fairly quiet, possibly baroque or classical, and preferably long, that I can be playing in the background as I knit?

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WIP - "Barn Raising" baby blanket

This project is inspired by the "Barn Raising Quilt" project from