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March 19th

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Yarn for sweater

What yarn do you think is good for a sweater? Pattern wants Heavy Worsted (Bulky?). Calls for Wool.
I don't think I really like wool. Isn't it heavy and can't it get itchy?

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A new Jumper

I've recently finished the back of a jumper I am knitting for my hard working and long suffering husband - thought I would share.

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Diamond Shawl

A pic of my latest work. Wife hated the color when I came home with the yarn. Will be donating to Church auction. Hope it finds a good home.


Sold for $400 at the auction.

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ocean waves...

I have actually done some looks like crap, colourwise and knittingwise, but I thought you all might want a laugh!

March 18th

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London Beanie

Hi guys, I finally finished my london beanie. I had to rip it out a few times and then my designing wasn't the greatest when it came to adding stitch count for my big head.

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Kansas Bear

Bear Exchange part 2...

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For a "beary" dear friend....

Part one of a teddy bear exchange...
Lamb's Pride 85% wool, 15% mohair.
Pattern based on the "incredible, custom fit raglan sweater" pattern.
How much fun!

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Cost of a sweater, good yarn???

So, I am about to tackle my first sweater. I've only done scarfs, hats and socks (ok, I did a vest but didn't like it so I don't count it).

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I have been busy knitting socks. I think it's the most addictive item I've knitted yet! Here are the latest two socks I've completed. I'll have a drawer full before long!

March 17th

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I am wondering how many of you have been around since the commencement of this community. What kind of changes have you seen?