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March 11th

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A Skein is Born

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Strange project, new help if possible

Sorry for this, but my wife has requested that I try to make something for her/us. It should be simple there are just a few details I need some help with.

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Latest Finished (not Finnish) Sweater

I've posted this to my blog a while ago, but I thought I'd share it here as well (can you tell I'm proud about this one?

March 10th

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My First Hand Dyed

I was showing this yarn kit to Bill and Tom last Night and the other people from the Monday Night Group. I was able to dye this yarn today along with another one that I will shaw later on.

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The Purple Diamond

I ventured into Chicago yesterday to yarn hop and meet up with friends for dinner.

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New Baby Picture

Not much happening in the knitting world of late. I need to get busy on another scarf that I promised a friend. I need to stop agreeing to make stuff for people.

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FO - Cobblestone sweater

Well, it's been one year and one month since I started and a few weeks since I finished this.

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Flag cap

I experimented on something I'd been wanting to try for a while. I was in the Peace Corps in the Central African Republic years ago.

March 9th

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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. I'm doing fine...I miss my big guy, but I still have my mare, and she's enjoying all the excess affection and neediness.