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March 30th

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An Unvention

I have been experimenting with square armholes lately. I wanted to find a way to knit a sweater in the round, with steeks which would have fitted shoulders rather than dropped shoulders.

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New Pictures

My sister's husband is a semi-professional photographer and took some shots of my sister wearing the shawl I made for her!

Makes me so proud!!

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Baby Things

I have 3 cousins with babies on the way so I've been making baby things. The baby sweater is probably one of my favorites and I can't tell you how many of them I've made over the years.

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Anyone ever do the Bunny Blanket - pattern free on Lion Brand site?

I am working on the Bunny Blanket pattern that is free on the lion brand site and I did a major screw up, or didn't understand something.

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Unfinished Swift assembled

This is the link to the You Tube video of the Swift unfinished and being assembled!

You Tube Video Link

Thanks for stopping by!

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First Fair Isle

My first Fair Isle knit. It went rather well. I’m a continental knitter so learning english style, to have both yarns ready to knit, was a bit of a challenge for this project.

March 29th

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Some of my recent work

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Second Sanding of Home Made Swift

I don't know if I have time tomorrow to put the swift together as it is drying right now, but here is a picture of what I have done so far. There will be a video of how to put it together.

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First Dye Job

Seeing Andy's beautiful yarns, I decided to try myself. I first dyed the yarn (Knitpick's Bare Merino/Nylon Fingering) with black cherry KoolAid. After it was dry I overdyed it with Jacquard Black.

March 28th

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Here is my latest sweater. It is a Clan Aran pattern that I took liberties with. I made it using Jamieson's Soft Heather in the color, North Sea.