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February 19th

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Go, Go Gadget Market Bag

I bought this kit at my LYS. I've put off making a market bag, but have to say I really do like this project. The yarn is very stretchy and the bag is deceptively roomy.

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New Knitter joining the group

Hi Guys,

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I have spent a good part of this afternoon teaching my younger cousins how to knit
Mike age 15
Marc age 14
and Samantha 12

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Working For Free!

Oh boy, the Governor of Oregon just came out and said that teachers should work ten days for free to help out the State. I have a mental middle finger for our Governor. Please!

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New Release - The Mermaid Shawl and Other Beauties

From Parlez-Moi Press / Valentine-Design.

Kathleen has released the pdf download version of her pattern book. In my opinion, from just a quick glance through it, it is well worth the money.

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Baby Jane's

Here is a pic of a pattern I am working on. I am have it test knit now. Will post after I have it checked for errors.

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Details, they want details!

Thanks, guys, for all the kind words. I have to get an image of the sweater on here, soon, lest I be branded as a provocateur or prevaricator...or both!

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deciding on next project

As I knit one project, I'm always thinking about the next 2 or 3 projects and I find that I get my ideas for next projects in different ways.

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Koolhaas hat

I've been wanting to make this hat for a long, long time and I'm ready to start. The pattern says 16" for woman's size. Also says to fit a woman (man).

February 18th

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Feather and Fan scarf in Alpaca

Here it is! It's just basic feather and fan, super easy, but it looks so nice, and I just love working with alpaca!