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February 6th

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The LYS experience

On my way into work this morning I was thinking about what a different experience yarn shopping is today then it was when I first started knitting in college.

February 5th

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The Amsterdam Sonnetto

I just wanted to share another of my hats whic I am working on the pattern as we speak. I don not know if I would have this for fre or for sale, we shall see what decision I make.

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Cascade Pumpkin Spice.

I have been on a yarn buying spree of late. I just purchased Cascade pumpkin spice for a sweater I'm thinking of doing. I'm a total warm colour freak, especially with orange.

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Knitting Gadget

For Christmas, my knitting buddy, Beth, gifted me with a "Pirouette" as pictured.

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The Clapotis

My knitting friends Beth & Ben and I are all knitting the Clapotis from

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Cashmere Scarf - Finished Object & Controversy

Here is a pic of my latest finished object. This is one of the cashmere scarf kits put out by Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibers and is 100% Mongolian Cashmere in the "Five O'Clock Shadow" colorway.

February 4th

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Ideas on how to bind off ...

So I've made several pairs of socks going toe-up. I have not yet found a bind-off method that I like.

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It's February - Is anyone still working out?

I know we said we were gonna work together on this. I'm down about 5 pounds since mid-December.

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Knitting in the dark

Hey guys,

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Men's Knitting Retreats as a group on FACEBOOK

I just wanted to let everyone know that I started a group on facebook to help promote the Men’s Knitting Retreats - linking the website to facebook - and hoping that other guys might discover our gr