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You will love this!

Why yes this is totally real we are sending this off tomorrow as our video audition....I think we are a shoe in dont you ;-)

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FO - Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl

Here is the Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl that I did for my sister, Cheryl. I had myself a Marathon Knitting Weekend and just finished getting it pinned down to the blocking table.

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Knitting: Men in America - SURVEY is UP!

Please take a moment to take this survey that will help us all understand the perceptions of other knitters towards guys who knit in the United States! Thanks!
here's the link:

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sock ribbing help

I need help with my sock ribbing. I finished a pair of socks and something just isn't right with the ribbing and need help for my next pair.

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What's your name again? Got a towel?

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Here's the bad boy!

That saucy, feral, Faire Isle sweater finally getting the treatment it so richly deserved - the trollope - passively lying there, waiting to be violated!

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Fir Cone Rectangular Baby Blanket

I just completed this baby blanket. It was a fun knit - but I forgot that the pattern would need to be blocked to lay flat.

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The Scarf!

So, it's just a bit late but it is in the mail; so, I think it's okay to post an image or two. This was a fun pattern to do, although it took quite some time.

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Fair Isle Anyone

I've always been intrigued by, but never tried Fair Isle Knitting. That is until I saw this picture at