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January 25th

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Hoo hoo scarf exchange

I got my beautifully knit scarf. Yippee!

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My Scarf

Here is the scarf that I received for the scarf exchange. I am so happy with it and all the goodies that were in the box.

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illusion pattern

a couple of you have asked for the pattern for my illusion patterned scarf and here is the site that I got it from :


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knitted bag

Just wanted to share a few pics of a bag I knitted for a friend of mine for her birthday.

January 24th

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Converting Adult Size Afghan to a Baby Blanket

I want to convert one or two of my afghans patterns into a baby blanket. I currently use size 17 needles and use Thick & Chunky yarn.

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Yarn for Baby Stuff

Dudes: One of the teachers at work is pregers and I'm going to knit some stuff for the baby. What is the best yarn for baby stuff.

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Switching from English to Continental

With repetetive motion injury always peeking over my shoulder I have decided that I shoud learn to knit Continental as well.

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Hey everyone

How are you supposed to add pictures to the blog posts?

Any help appreciated.


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This week's NEW Episode #47 of "Belle of the Ball" Knitting Podcast DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!!!

Hey everybody! This week's theme of Episode#47 "Belle of the Ball" is "The White Rabbit"!!!

This week, we are talking about:

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Okay, I'm sure that this has been hashed out before but I am sick of getting Girl knitting stuff in the mail.