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January 27th

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So I'm setting here knitting my Clap and it's going pretty fast. I had to put markets on for every 2 repeats since I don't own enough to use them for everyyime it says to. But so far so good.

January 26th

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Piano Scarf!

Ok...So I'm way way excited about this one. The first project I make for myself in a long time, and I chose to make....drumroll...a PIANO SCARF.

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My First Clapotis

So after a few years I decided to make a Clapotis, I wanted to wait till the craze died down...

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Cable Crazy

So last week I finally took out my Stich n Bitch and figured out how to cable. I feel so stupid - there was no figuring - it's brain dead easy.

I want to do a lace project but...

When I try to find lace, or ask my LYS about lace, all I get is a blank stare.

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convert a cable pattern for circular?

I have a cable pattern that I have tried and I really like it. It a pattern for straight needles and has both purl and knit stitches on both sides.

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Hemlock Ring Blanket

Well I know the Hemlock Ring Blanket isn't new to this group - but it was a really easy and fun knit.

Knitting for the troops

My brother is stationed in Iraq for a year. He's away from his wife and two kids. A seriously suckey time for him.

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My 2 socks on 1 circular needle update

Thank you to Tallguy for his helpful tip to avoid the laddering I was getting at my joins.

January 25th

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Photo - finally

Finally got a picture - not the best = of my "chambered Nautilus" shawl.