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January 28th

New Book New Project

I've been knitting a ton of hats for gifts, but I've been thinking. I live down here in the deep south, and hats are only going to be useful for a short time as well as scarfs and other winter wear.

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Mildly frustrated (but I'll get over it) - edited

Been knitting a lot on my "Random-Ass Afghan" (working title) and am happy to report I'm steadily approaching the halfway mark (only 6" more and I'm there). This, despite my horrendous math skills that have forced me to continue purchasing extra skeins of just about every yarn I've used. LOL What I'm mildly frustrated about is that I can never seem to find any one yarn store OR website that sells all the yarn I'm looking for.

January 27th

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Some more of the projects

here are a few more of the things I have made or am working on. The shirt was made after seeing it in a boutique at $150.00.

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Scarf Exchange

Yesterday I received my wonderful scarf from the scarf exchange. I love it! And it came with lots of goodies!

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Noro-inpsired scarf

I bought the dark variegated yarn in Alaska a couple of years ago and wasn't sure what I'd do with it.

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been reading this blog for a while, but have been really lazy in not posting any of my projects, etc.

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Great Day for a MWK

I had the day off yesterday from work yesterday. I first went to my local Starbuck's and saw a man sitting working on a scarf and chatting with a friend.

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toe up socks

I can petty much knit a sock in my sleep now so I'm wondering if I should challange myself with toe up socks. Are there any advantages to doing a toe up pattern?

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Piano Scarf Pattern

Ok, since I was asked to, I went ahead and wrote up my version of a piano scarf.