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January 3rd

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Finished Socks

I completed the Orange Socks that I was making using my hand-painted sock yarn. The base yarn was Wool2Dye4 Platinum Sock Yarn. I colored the wool with Orange and Grape flavored powdered drink mixes. The pattern is the Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Budd. Pictures under the cut...

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need help with vest bindoff

I'm working on my first vest and I'm almost at the top of the back ready for bind off.

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Charlie pink & orange hat

Charlie pink & orange hat

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Hats for Charlie

Charlie is my nine month old granddaughter...who lives in Phoenix Arizona...where it is quite cold at the moment. I spent Christmas with her.

January 2nd

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My first FO in 2009

Okay, it's just a rectangle in garter stitch, but it felt great to bind off and weave in the last couple of ends on New Years Day.

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Finally one I'm keeping for myself!

The whole scarf is done in Noro Silk Garden Colorway #47 on size 7 crystal palace bamboo needles.

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2 questions, A-circular ladders, B-my first sweater

I'm on my second pair of socks and strangely enough this didn't really happen on the first pair.

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2 0 0 9

from jerzy pl. (Cracow, Poland)

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Joining shoulder seams

Hello all,

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Wool Wash

What sort of wool wash do you guys use for washing/blocking your knit items? What do you like about your preferred wash over the others?