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December 7th

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OT request

i am going for major surgery on wednesday and realize the kindness of this site would feel supportive.


December 6th

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Shawls With Sleeves...Gotta Love it!

This intel may be old hat to you lace knitters, but it caught my eye today.

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FO for F.O.

My friend Francis asked me to knit him a sweater- he's the only one who has shown any interest in my knitting. Interestingly, he's an industrial-strength heterosexual.

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three needle cast off shoulders

Hi folks,

December 5th

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Gail (aka: Nightsongs) shawl

Well it's only 12/5 and I've finished the shawl I was knitting for my wife's Christmas gift.

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Emily Ocker Cast On

This is actually a video demostration of a great cast on for throws on the round, and if you are making the Hemlock Ring Throw, it calls for that.

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Checking in and a question (edited)

hi Boys! I hope you all are doing well. I've been ok, looking for work and knitting. I miss Germany and hope that I will be able to go back next spring.

December 4th

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Well, I just checked and I've been a member of this site for 35 weeks now, and haven't introduced myself or posted anything.

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Flannel or felt...?

So I'm knittitng this crazy style fair-isle pattern going around a slouch beanie and there is a hardcore web/matrix of multicolored strands going around the inside.

Just Another Day In Jaiadise....

I just found this group recently...well more like a few weeks ago and never logged in until now..I know my bad but still anywho..Lets see...I'm 32 "married" (not legal but good enough for us in our he