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December 8th

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Back after a long absence

Hi all, back after a long absence owing to work nightmare stress. All other projects stopped and it was just a question of making it through the day.

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Knitting and some OT

Don is doing well with his knitting but struggling with being left handed.

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Philosopher's Two-handed Method

I don't know if this has been posted or not, but...well...


Philosopher's Wool Two-handed Method

December 7th

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Escapades in Learning to Knit: Knitting from the Back

I proudly took my first knitting project to the Men’s group yesterday. I was a bit early, so I sat and worked on it a bit. I think it is coming along at a rather nice pace.

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OK, I give

What does this mean?!!!!

"You can't request more than 20 challenges without solving them. Your previous challenges were flushed."

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Interesting article on CNN website

I especially liked the bus...

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I blame Nina Garcia

(For those who don't know, she's a judge on PROJECT RUNWAY famous for critiquing that a garment wasn't properly "finished".)

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Home Ergonomics

I just home-engineered a comfort grip for my crochet hook, using a nerf football and a pair of pliers.

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Cinque Dieci a Hat, & neckwarmer

This is the hat for that neckwarmer. It is actually a gift . The recipient approved of the hat, so Christmas is around the corner and the gift will be wrapped. He better act surprised lol!

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3 needle cast off

Many thanks for the suggestions with the 3 needle cast off for the shoulders. One done, one more to go...and looking pretty good.