Archive - Dec 3, 2009

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OT (but still fun!)

Hey, all. I will make this quick so as not to bug anyone with too much Off-topic tom foolery. I recently started an amusing (hopefully) blog about work. It's called "Life on Terra Cubus," and if anyone is interested in checking it out, you're welcome to do so! You can find it here: Life on Terra Cubus

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Basketweave stitch

Hey men...

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The satisfaction of short row shaping...

Do you ever have those 'phases' in knitting when all you want to do is knit exactly what you picture in your mind?

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RIP Noro Scarf

Dear all,

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M1 vs inc 1

Ok, I need someone to explain this to me.
In another post someone said that if you do one instead of the other your counts will be wrong. How can that be?

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Hat for Lisa

This hat was originally for me, and thus the brown color, but then I realized that it had way too many holes to be warm enough for the winter in Oregon.

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Hats for my Nieces

I am making three hats for my nieces for Christmas, these are the first two. The fun part is that I have no clue how large the girls are, I see them only about twice a year.

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Baby Sweater for my Brother

My brother and his wife are having a kid in June...well maybe July, I am not quite sure. This is their first, and they are freaking out.