Archive - Dec 21, 2009

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Altering existing sweaters

Okay, fellow gurus and knitting fanatics, I am asking for ideas on this -- I have a friend whose Mom knit him some absolutely great sweaters.

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Shameless Promotion - New Hat - Knitter's Magazine Winter 2009

Finally folks, I write again! I present to you another hat! This was so fun to design and I personally think that Knitter's did a fantabulous job in showing it off!

See, I'm still here.....knitting away.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pattern: Helical Hat by Kenny Chua
Magazine: Knitter's Magazine 97, Winter 2009

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THis year It will be a NORO GIFTS... INSPIRATION
I want to show you some details...
What Do you think?
DAY J-5...
I hope to have all finished....