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November 3rd

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Sweater & Scarf

Gosh! It has been a quite a while since I've posted here, beyond a few comments. So, I thought I'd best share a couple of recently completed projects.

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Here it is please be kind!!!!!!!

Well here is a picture of the happy couple (smile). Unfortunately he is not a knitter but is very supportive of me.

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Barbara Walkers Learn To Knit Afghan

I wasn't sure that I would have the patience to actually complete the project, but with some self discipline and stamina, I finished Barbara Walker's Learn To Knit Afghan.

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Scarf Pattern

I remember when I first found this site I saw a pattern for a knit scarf with slipped stitches that when finished it is short but is then pulled from either end for length.

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Saddle Shoulders

All chomping at the bit to get started on the saddle shoulder sweater. Swatched it out. Got 4sts/inch. Gonna use US size 9's. 204 sts for the body.

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Spinning Lace Alpaca

Here I am drafting and spinning some lace weight Alpaca yarn, what a lot of fun.

November 2nd

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Shake, shake, shake...

When I started knitting, my first project was a pair of baby booties, and it's still one of my favorite patterns.

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Here's a project I finished last month for my neighbor and gave as a birthday gift.

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Some finished projects

Here are some photos of fininshed projects

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Gone Yarn Wild!

I have been following a fun little blog about a pair of rebellious outdoor Guerrilla knitters here in Wellington, New Zealand - Link to the Blog Outdoor Knit