Archive - Nov 2009

November 6th

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Black Bramble Leaf Scarf

I knit this using 2/18 Zephyr 50/50 wool silk on US #3 needles. It took approximately 380 yards to make the scarf 8"x80".

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Urban felted cushion

Well, again, I'm off into an experimental project.

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Safe at Home

So after three grueling days of driving through mountains (hey, I'm a flatlander, what do you expect?) I have arrived safe and sound in Southern California.

November 5th

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Fish Hat

Here is a picture of my daughter in her new Fish Hat. Since we've moved to Wisconsin from Los Angeles, I have a new knitting purpose in life.

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Oh, OK...I Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Put Up A Billboard...

Sorry, but I assumed the world knew you could knit Kitchener stitch.

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It's Like Calculus...Tiny, Simple, Incremental Changes Add Up To...

I recently had the most delightful exchange with Wendy Bernard, a designer some of you, dear readers, know from her well-written book on top down, fitting knitted garments.

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Blip, Trend Or Coin Toss?

What a pleasant surprise to me.

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Help! Binding off the neck/collar

A few weeks ago someone asked about binding off and I think it was about binding off in ribbing.

November 4th

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Waiting... for a jet plane.

I'm about ready to crochet in public. Our plane to the UK has been delayed. I brought two projects along with me to do as space is a consideration. I don't have much in terms of carry-on room.

November 3rd

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Rhinebeck stash

Just a quickie to show what I got at Rhinebeck. You can see it's mostly spinning fiber. I managed to get only one fun yarn, having specific projects to buy for.