Archive - Nov 11, 2009

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Veterans' Day

Today, in honour of Veterans' Day, I stayed inside and worked on a design for one of those snazzy envelope hats that you see them wear in pictures.

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a possible group project?

might this be a project we could all help with?
(...there is a free pattern offered...but I can't find it or the I guess that info comes when you order the yarn.)

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Dear Knitasha: Shopworn answers about Love, fiber and other twisted human event questions.

Knitasha Crochet answers MWK member's questions about love, fiber, and other twisted human events.

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Another QOTD

Why does stockinette stitch curl? And what can I change
to maybe minimize the curl?

I've seen some stockinette stitch pieces that just seem to
lay perfectly flat. Mine curl immediately.