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October 7th

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Cast Aluminum Yarn Bowls

I just posted on my etsy site the first set of my cast aluminum yarn bowls - they're offered in 4 colors this time...

sweater I just finished for my cousin

my cousin brought me a sweater she had started 5 years ago, it was going to be to small for her, so ripped it all out found another pattern, and luck would have it the ys where she bought the yarn sti

October 6th

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Manly Lace Scarf

This is the Joel Bison Lace Scarf and it is considered a manly lace scarf, the colorway is definitely masculine.

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Interchangeables & Saddle Shoulders

Thanks for everyone's comments on the Knit Picks interchangeables, ordered them yesterday.

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Totally OT

Yes it is always sad for me when I think of Jason. So this bit of news hopefully will brighten things for me.

October 5th

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I had today off work...

...and listened to Mahler's Fifth.

I miss Jason.


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Playing In the 1500's

I know this is not about knitting, but I just spent the weekend playing in the 1500"s. I was a vender at a Ren Faire near Indy, Ind.

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Interchangeable knit picks needles

Anyone using them do you like them, how are the joins. . .

October 4th

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Happy Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

So today is the Feast of St. Francis, but because it fell on a Sunday this year it is not necessarily liturgically observed in most Catholic parishes today.

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I finally finished it

I finally finished this sweater. I started this cotton aran sweater last year in September and then put it down to finish a couple of other sweaters for gifts.