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October 21st

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At it again

Just hop back on my blanket, started it last year. Hoping to not stop again till it's done. Did not do anything but buy the yarn last spring.

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Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009

I just got my order from Interweave today, this year's Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009.

October 20th

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I'm inspired....

He may not mention it, but RJCB3 (Robert) posted a brilliant commentary on Maine's Gay Marriage initiative today on Facebook. Well worth the read. Well done, Robert!

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Longest scarf

Well, okay, so this scarf isn't the longest, but it's part of the Longest Scarf project.

October 19th

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A kid in the candystore

I have to echo the glowing reports about Rhinebeck. Well, okay, there was fiber at Rhinebeck. But what overwhelmed me was not the yarns. Not too much, anyway. Okay, maybe the green ones.

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Honestly, by Friday it was beginning to look like the lost weekend thanks to Mother Nature.

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Men Who Knit - 2010 Knit-Alongs (KAL) -- Starting in January 2010

Greetings All

Since the Knit-Along polls seemed promising enough I will host a Knit Along starting in early January. I have already chosen the pattern.

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I've got PRS

that would be:

October 18th

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Men's Groups

I didn't go to any knitting group for a few reasons. The one that I have tried, was well, a hen party. There were four other 20 something women and myself in attendance.

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Works In Progress

Alpaca Hat & Scarf
I finally got the right pattern and number of stitches to make this hat. It is coming to shape. I hope to have it done at the end of the week. This is what I get for taking a pattern and using a smaller yarn and experimenting. But, I think it will be awesome when I get it done. Something for me. How often does that happen???