Archive - Oct 18, 2009

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Men's Groups

I didn't go to any knitting group for a few reasons. The one that I have tried, was well, a hen party. There were four other 20 something women and myself in attendance.

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Works In Progress

Alpaca Hat & Scarf
I finally got the right pattern and number of stitches to make this hat. It is coming to shape. I hope to have it done at the end of the week. This is what I get for taking a pattern and using a smaller yarn and experimenting. But, I think it will be awesome when I get it done. Something for me. How often does that happen???

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My needles are driving me nuts!

My interchangeable needles screw onto the cables and the keep coming undone while I knit. It's driving me crazy. So, I'm shopping for new ones. Any recommendations?


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Help Decoding, please!

Ok, so I am almost finished with a sweater, it is a top down raglan and I want to put an open crew neck on it. Eric Paul dug up these instructions for it but I need a little help decoding.

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Short rows on a seamless sweater - when and where?

I've done a dozen or so baby sweaters without short rows, no problem. I did Jared Flood's Cobblestone a couple years ago and it turned out great.