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Some more of the projects

here are a few more of the things I have made or am working on. The shirt was made after seeing it in a boutique at $150.00.

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Scarf Exchange

Yesterday I received my wonderful scarf from the scarf exchange. I love it! And it came with lots of goodies!

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Noro-inpsired scarf

I bought the dark variegated yarn in Alaska a couple of years ago and wasn't sure what I'd do with it.

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been reading this blog for a while, but have been really lazy in not posting any of my projects, etc.

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Great Day for a MWK

I had the day off yesterday from work yesterday. I first went to my local Starbuck's and saw a man sitting working on a scarf and chatting with a friend.

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toe up socks

I can petty much knit a sock in my sleep now so I'm wondering if I should challange myself with toe up socks. Are there any advantages to doing a toe up pattern?

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Piano Scarf Pattern

Ok, since I was asked to, I went ahead and wrote up my version of a piano scarf.

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So I'm setting here knitting my Clap and it's going pretty fast. I had to put markets on for every 2 repeats since I don't own enough to use them for everyyime it says to. But so far so good.