Archive - Jan 23, 2009

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teenage nephew mobius scarf

a holiday gift for nephew. made up my own version of mobius.

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Asherton Scarf

I just posted a new post about a scarf pattern called the Asherton Scarf, that I just loved knitting. I want to do more of these!


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Recent Projects...Hats!

Well I'm tired of making hats now, but these I made to sell at a local gift shop on consignment...

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Men in Knits

The pattern for the chain link pullover is in Men in Knits. I wasn't sure about the ribbed sleeves but chose to see it through. I do like the finished sweater...very warm in Peruvian wool.

New Project pattern suggestions

Hi Guys,

I'm about to finish my first scarf and my first hat.
I'm looking forward to my next challenge. I'm a total beginner, but I like challenging and interesting patterns.

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My first decent looking scarf.

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Questions for a Survey about Men who Knit

I'm working on developing my survey for the Knitting: Men in America project and I thought I shoud ask you (since you're all men who knit haha) what question(s) you might ask or want to know about oth

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A birthday gift to you...

It's my birthday today and I'd like to offer a present to one of you....

(no, this isn't a thinly veiled attempt to get birthday wishes from you all).

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been a while

Hey it's been forever since I've posted here, my bad. I'm trying to get back into some good habits.

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Hat Pattern Help

I was hoping some of you guys could help me locate a hat pattern with a gansey band. Ideally it would begin with a patterned gansey band, then be plain hat from there on up.

Thanks a million.