Archive - Jan 19, 2009

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My Swap Scarf Arrived!

The package actually came on Friday, but today was the first chance I had to take some pictures. Thank you Jonathan for the scarf and the chocolates.

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Twittering at the Inauguration: OT

Can't make it to DC tomorrow?

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Garn Studio

Most of you likely know but has a complete range of patterns, which are free by the way, lol, the navigation of the site is very simple, I particularly like there Norwegian sweater patt

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The [Almost] "Uber Sweater"

Soon after I joined Men Who Knit I posted about my urge to knit the "Uber sweater", the ultimate man’s sweater that would be big, heavy, chunky, hard-wearing and in a very masculine colour.

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Monday and the Tomten


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Scarf Exchange Deadline tomorrow

Hey Guys!