Archive - Jan 17, 2009

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Off the Loom

Took this project off the loom a little while ago, I know it's not knitted but I thought I would share it anyways. Happy Knitting Everyone!!!

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Even with the interruptions from the nephews...

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Project Completed (THANK GOD!!!)

Ok so I know you Yarn Snobs out there will be like "OMG IT"S DONE IN ACRYLIC!!!" but deal with it (Just kidding), although I do actually enjoy knitting with acrylic threads.

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Hi everyone ...... this is a new experience for me, I belong to many sites for social meetings etc, but this is the first knitting site that I have joined.

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I gave up

I gave up on the gloves...they just were making me mad. I will get back in the mood later to try to make gloves, but for now I am working on my second sock.